Thursday, April 19, 2012

Movie Review: Caterpillar (2010)

    Caterpillar follows Shigeko Kurokawa who's husband returns from the
    Second Sino-Japanese war without limbs, very limited communication
    abilities, and a new status as a war god decreed by the emperor.
    This is a movie about Shigeko ability to come to terms with her new role
    as the caretaker of disabled war veteran.
    The movie stars Tarajima Shinobu who many may recognize from the
    historical Drama Ryoma Den as Ryoma's sister Otome. She does a
    wonderful job becoming someone who is desperately searching for a
    way to validate what she has given up.

    Her husband Tadashi (Keigo Kasuya), is a man who, because of his injuries,
    can do nothing but face his demons. This may have been a positive story
    were it not for the fact that he is haunted by what happened when he was
    serving his country. Unfortunately, his metamorphosis takes a toll on
    Shigeko leading her to question the value of the war.

    The film juxtaposes propaganda championing the cause of war against it's  
    character's sacrifices and asks whether or not it was all worth the pain.
    It is graphic and depressing but for all the right reasons. It's steaming on
    netflix now. Check it out.